• With digital transformation being a de facto very hyper-connected reality on human, societal and various business and technology levels, linear management thinking and siloed approaches make place for hybrid, integrated, inclusive and fluid ecosystem views beyond the classic extended enterprise model.

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Consulting Services

Consulting can be provided on an ongoing or per project basis or any combination of the two. Project-based consulting work can include primary research, such as online surveys accessible across a range of devices, as well as focus groups. TECHnalysis Research also offers experience in sophisticated data analysis methods, including segmentation, MaxDiff and conjoint. Product and Marketing Strategy-related projects deliver actionable results on topics such as product positioning, go-to-market strategies, channel opportunities and more.


This week's AAS podcast features Jayaprakash and Prashanth Shenoy, the VP of Enterprise Networks, IoT Networking, and DevNet Marketing at Cisco, shares how he keeps innovative and creative in his workspace. analyzing early demand for Apple's iPhone X, and chatting about Arm's TechCon conference.

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Anagha Agile Systems - AI Agile Systems company!!

Anagha Agile Systems - AI Agile Systems company!!

LLC provides strategic consulting and machine learning research services to the technology industry and professional financial community. Building on a deep understanding of critical technology and business trends in conjunction with hard-hitting, original research, the firm provides unique “out-of-the-box” perspectives that are still grounded in the practical realities of the technology, media and telecom markets.

Fog computing accelerates awareness and response to events by eliminating a round trip to the cloud for analysis.
It avoids the need for costly bandwidth additions by offloading gigabytes of network traffic from the core network. It
also protects sensitive IoT data by analyzing it inside company walls. Ultimately, organizations that adopt fog
computing gain deeper and faster insights, leading to increased business agility, higher service levels, and
improved safety