Month: August 2019


Anagha Agile Systems Professional Training Proforma

DEAR AI Enthusiasts,

Please find AAS training profile and professional experience below:

WE have been in IT Industry for last two decades from 1997 to till now as Technical Consultants & Systems Engineer in various Esteemed Fortune 100 Companies. Currently We are working as Cloud & Data Architect consultants for various esteem MNC clients in Bangalore. We have been working & providing consultancy on Cloud & AI based App development for various important Clients in Bangalore & South East Asia (like Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Indonesia etc).
We have given Technical talks & Trainings in Oracle before I started my own firm in 2012, I worked as developer(Individual Contributor) & was later promoted to work as Application Architect in my later years of Oracle India Pvt Ltd.

Trainings Done in last 5 years:
1. Python Fundamentals
2. Progressive Web App Development using Angular 5.0
3. Agile Methodologies : SCRUM Project Management
4. Scientific Computing using Python
5. Data Science Fundamentals
6. Advanced Python Design Patterns
7. AWS Cloud Architecture for HAHP(High Availability Hyper Performance Designs)
8. Serverless Computing
9. AI & ML Fundamentals
10. Deep Learning for Predicitive Analytics
11. Machine Learning for Computer Vision.

My Major Milestones in last 5 years are as follows:

1. In 2018-2019, Developed Machine Learning & Deep Learning Algorithms for Predictive Analytics App for a Client called Digitory – A Restaurant Analytics Management Mobile App. During this time, I gave Pytorch AI training & helped them complete main projects to B-Tech students who were doing projects for IIT Kharagpur. 2. In 2017-2018, Worked as Technical Architect & Cloud Architect in SourceBits. Gave trainings in Cloud based Enterprise Applications & Angular based Progressive Webapp (PWA).
3. In 2018, Developed iOS Mobile App for Intel Capital (Intel VC Branch) using Angular & Ionic Platform. Gave AI related Trainings to developers working for Walmart & Intel projects.
4. In 2018, Gave Instrutor led Online Python (Scientific Computing) Training to Cisco Employees at San Jose, CA

using skype & help them develop AI based security solutions. I had worked as Live Code mentor for these Cisco employees.

Currently We have consultants working as a consultant Data Scientist for Celest Pharma Labs – a Pharma Drug company for thier Biomed AI Projects.

My Clientele for last 5 years is as follows:
1. Sourcebits
2. Intel Capital
3. Walmart via Sourcebits
4. Emids
5. Medsolutions US
6. Cisco
7. DaVita Medical Group
8. eRevMax