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Global Warming Effects[/caption]

This is my first blog, so I thought of writing the blog on creating awareness about our environment and stop GLOBAL WARMING.
I wonder whether we would live for another 100 years. I wonder whether our children would have properly grown limbs and organs in next few decades. Everyone is turning Blind eye towards these dangerous occurrences in our holy planet EARTH.

As days goes we find many different kinds unpredictable hurricanes in Atlantic Ocean due to ICE melting in polar regions. We have unpredictable monsoon and unscheduled rains in Indian plateau. We have prolonged droughts in African continents, huge floods in China. Earthquakes in Iran and central Asia. Extinction of birds and butterfly in Central America. Extinction of reptiles and snakes and cats in South America.

Recently we had pandemic like Bird flu and Swine Flu globally. And few facts observed but not documented or acknowledge internationally is the quality of Vegetables, fruits and cereals we have now compared to we had 10 years before.The fast foods creating Fast Diabetic and Cardiac patients. Pollutions due to vehicle emissions in 1 tier and 2 tier cities have made bronchitis and other lung diseases as common diseases like headache and cold. People are becoming less immune to normal water and most of the people wants to drink mineral water which is destroying water table as well as environment.

All these accounts not only due to increase in CO2 in atmosphere BUT also due to many facts listed below: The laziness imbibed in us from our childhood.

The fast lifestyle we have go into due to rat race for nothing.

The greed of human mind leading to information overload leading to stress which is the core of the major issues of human life.

The facilities we have in our cities now for e.g.

1. The lifts for 2 – 5 stored buildings.

2. The EPABX systems and messenger within our offices, when we can walk few steps and talk to them.

3. Two wheelers instead of Bicycles to travel less than 2 km.

4. Drinking and Eating packed foods instead of Fruits and Green Vegetables.

5. The most important in work is sitting continuously in-front of computer in white collar jobs and insufficient air circulation in non white collar jobs.

6. Usage of non biodegradable plastics and cosmetics.

7. Disposable of non biodegradable waste and drugs is totally unscientific.

8. Usage of alternate resources and recycled resources is considered as a stigma in most elite societies.

9. Most important and biggest culprit of all causes is the Laziness and attitude amoung us human beings towards flora and fauna.

The Blind eye towards flora and fauna is actually not killing environment around us but we are turning Blind eye towards murderers of our children and grand children.

Do we need to have this BLIND EYE ?

Time has come for us, humans, to have this eye keep open always every second every minute every day. Put some effort in your life style, Enjoy your days with god given natural things.

Legs are meant to be used for long walks.

Hands are meant for preparing delicious foods also.

Eyes are meant not to read computer screens or television but also to see some natural beauties like sun rise early in the dawn.

Ears are not for hearing honks on the road but also meant to hear bird chirps in the morning.

Nose is meant for smelling good natural food aroma not fast food artificial smell.

Nose is for smelling flowers.

Tongue is for tasting natural honey and nectar not only for chatting.

Why this BLIND EYE towards these beautiful things and open eye for traveling through traffic jams and computer screens?